Basilicata Region: Tipica of Vietri di Potenza

The amount of work behind the organization of an event is often unthinkable to those who simply partecipate, but that is the real moment in which ideas, thoughts, advice are shared and all the love, the passion and the experience can be perceived.

The same thing is happening in a small village in Basilicata Region, called Vietri di Potenza, in which from the 11th to the 12th of August will take place the fifth edition of “Tipica“, and where …guess what… I was invited to talk about it!
The organizers told me that almost everything is ready and I … can not wait!
This is a “food route” that will be articulated through the streets of the city.

They told me, “No euro used here, but only Ducato vietrese!”, the currency specifically coined and available at the Banco of Vietri, to make the return to ancient times more immersive and evocative.

Orecchiette lucane, fiori di zucca, strufoli, cavatiedd e parmariedd are just some of the foods that will be able to taste.

The initiative is organized by Pro Loco, Teatrando, Vietri & La Movida and the City of Oil, with the patronage of the Municipality.

This year they also decided to host four bloggers coming from north to south of Italy, to discover the country, its places of interest, and the event. I will be there with Elisa of Serendipitsite -Traveling with Serendipity, Antonella of the blog I sapori di Antonella and Federica writing for Luciano Pignataro.

Are you coming with me?
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